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The random creative works of R.G.Three

"Light My Fire"

"Light My Fire"

Rad Racer in real life.

Photo: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1229774

Rad Racer in real life.

Photo: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1229774

I lay here in bed and my eyes have been closed,
but I haven’t been sleeping, this my mind knows.

I open my eyes, as they look around
It’s darker than dark, and there isn’t a sound.

There aren’t any walls and there aren’t any doors.
I can’t see my closet or cabinet drawers.

The only thing to be seen is electricity’s flow
Which gives the clock’s face a gentle red glow.

There’s numbers and dots on the clock, I can see.
I put them together—it’s three-thirty-three.

It’s three-thirty-three!? Where has the time gone?
I can’t get to sleep and it’s practically dawn.

I’ll toss and I’ll turn and I’ll close my eyes tight,
but what is the point? I’m not resting tonight.

My mind is racing in circles, it seems.
It just won’t slow down to slip into dreams.

I rub my eyes, for it’s late and they’re sore
When I open them now, it’s twenty-past-four!

Why is time flying? This just isn’t fair.
I turn on my side; into darkness I stare.

But it does me no good—my mind’s still alive…
If I roll over now, it’ll be thirty-past-five!

I’ve tried counting sheep and I’ve tried to relax.
It all doesn’t matter—time’s moving too fast!

With all that I try, still the clock ticks.
Take a look now? Yup, it’s quarter-to-six.

But wait! What’s this? My eyelids have closed!
My heart-rate has dropped! My limbs have all froze!

Finally it appears my body’s falling asleep!
With a good seven minutes ‘till the alarm starts to beep.

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/freestone/92159572/Lyrics: Sublime - Don’t Push

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/freestone/92159572/
Lyrics: Sublime - Don’t Push

This was the original title and trailer for the new hit “Cloverfield.” Just minutes before this trailer was going to air, Paramount pulled the plug causing an upset among anticipating moviegoers. Their reasoning behind the radical change of mind was the feeling that “…[it] gave away too much about the monster,” though you need to look closely to see it.